Partner Institutions

Arcanum Database Publishing Ltd.

Arcanum Database Publishing Ltd. is one of Hungary's leading content providers. In the course of their multitudinous text digitalisation projects they have published a series of publications, which may become the standard work of reference of the digital library of the future.


Budapest Castle Bazaar

Budapest Castle Bazaar is the capital's special gem where art and nature complement each other. It is a unique architectural treasure which is capable of creating a historical, cultural and nature-like atmosphere and thus becoming the scene of entertainment, recreation and education.

várkert bazár

Hungarian National Museum

The mission of the institution is collecting, protecting, processing and presenting ethnographic, historical, art historical and archaeological records (to the general public)   related to the history of Hungarian people, Hungary and the people who lived in the Carpathian Basin.

magyar nemzeti múzeum

Institute of Habsburg History

The primary aim of The Institute of Habsburg History is to encourage and coordinate the scientific activity and research on the Habsburg Empire.


Institute of the Twentieth Century

The main mission of the Institute of the Twentieth Century, which was set up by the Public Foundation for the Research of Central and Eastern European History and Society, is to research the history of the 20th century, researching, reviewing and presenting the correlations of the political and social contexts of the Hungarian, Central and Eastern European history in particular.

xx.szazad intézet

Italian Cultural Institute of Budapest

The Italian Cultural Institute in Budapest is a state institution with its competence covering the whole area of Hungary. The primary aim of the Italian Cultural Institute is to promote cultural cooperation between Italy and Hungary by spreading Italian language and culture by organizing events and providing an opportunity for scientific and artistic discourse.

 olasz intézet

Media Support and Asset Management Fund

The mission of MTVA is coordinating public broadcasting (The Hungarian Television, the Hungarian Radio Corporation, Duna TV and the Hungarian News Agency) and making them more effective.


Public Foundation for the Research of Central and East European History and Society

The mission of the Public Foundation is scientific research and performing government tasks related to the protection of educational and the cultural goods.

Logo - Közép- és Kelet-európai Történelem és Társadalom Kutatásáért Közalapítvány

Ministry of Defence Military History Institute and Museum

The mission of the institutions belonging to the Institute and Museum of Military History is to research and organize artifacts and documents of universal military history in Hungary and abroad.

hadtörténeti múzeum

The National Archives of Hungary

The National Archives of Hungary is a public collection which preserves national documents which are considered to be national treasure. The primary mission of the institute is to present and preserve the nation's written heritage and through its archives to form the national identity of bigger and smaller local communities and individuals as well.


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